Our Mission

Our lifesaving mission is to treat all animals with dignity and respect, enrich the lives of animals in need and improve the relationship between people and pets. We pledge that every adoptable animal will be given the opportunity to find a loving home regardless of space, age or time limitations.

Our Commitment

  • address pet overpopulation
  • promote responsible pet ownership
  • encourage microchipping
  • facilitate assistance programs for elderly and special needs cases in caring for pets 
  • develop emergency medical fund for special medical needs of animals

Our Accomplishments

We have built a solid working relationship with area animal control to provide care for stray pets, resulting in lives being saved. Our foster care program allows us to rehabilitate pets, improving their adoptability to find new homes. We assist pet owners in locating lost pets and market found pets to help reunite them with their owners. In May 2013, we created the Share the Care program for cats and in January 2014, we extended the program for stray dogs. Marshfield area strays are now spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and screened for adoption. Because of MAPS, lives are spared from euthanasia and given a second chance. We are thankful, inspired and encouraged by our generous donors and supporters.

MAPS, the road home

Why We Need a Shelter:

The desire to start the planning and development of an animal shelter for the Marshfield area came when a small group of concerned citizens took the time to review the current process for handling stray animals for the city of Marshfield. In reviewing the process, a necessity was realized; our community desperately needed a humane pet shelter to call its own and more importantly, our pets deserved a higher quality of care than they had been afforded for many years. With the passing of new Wisconsin legislation to protect dogs and their owners in June of 2011 and with our stray animals being taken to two separate animal control facilities, the timing was right to act on our vision to build a safe haven for animals in need. A facility will provide a temperature controlled environment, getting pets out of extreme heat and cold conditions. It will allow us to provide veterinary care, spay and neutering, socialization, microchipping and adoption screening for abandoned pets. A shelter for the Marshfield area will allow us to lend a hand to other area shelters. It will serve as a community resource for all pet advocates and provide educational opportunities to promote and increase responsible pet ownership ... one that has never existed in our community until MAPS was formed.

How you can make a difference:

Get involved:

Direct animal interaction:

  • become a member of our animal care committee
  • sign up to volunteer at our microchip clinics
  • consider fostering homeless animals through our Foster Care program
  • complete our volunteer application to help care for animals

Other ways you can make a difference: